PADI Rescue Diver + EFR Course

Stay ahead of problems in diving. Good judgment is critical.

PADI Rescue Diver + EFR Course En Balkysub

If you think that the Rescue Course is for super divers, you are wrong. If you have been told that from this point on you have responsibility over other divers, you are also wrong. Find out all the truth about the PADI Rescue Diver + EFR course at Balkysub.

The phrase that best describes this course is PREVENTION. Be able to know the possible risk situations that occur in diving and anticipate the problems and accidents that may arise from them. After your Advanced course and with experience in diving, the most logical thing is to start worrying about knowing more in depth the problems that can occur in diving and know how to anticipate to avoid an accident. And if it happens? we will also prepare you to act and avoid an accident. For the PADI Rescue Diver you don’t have to prepare yourself in any way, we want to change something in you and make you aware that in some occasions it will be safer not to dive to avoid having a problem. Welcome to your diving accident prevention course, the Rescue Diver is waiting for you.

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