Diving Equipment

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Comprehensive rental, sales, day care and workshop services.

At Balkysub you will find everything you need for diving. You will be able to try material of the main brands (Scubapro – Aqualung) and seek advice to choose your diving equipment.

A very complete range of rental equipment from leading brands, to dive with us. We do not rent equipment outside the dive center.

We are specialists in quality and reliable equipment, so we sell a selection of brands that we have tested and we know the results of their products. We are also technical service for the brands we sell.

We have a repair and maintenance workshop with a highly qualified team to deal with any incidents that may arise with your diving equipment.

We offer our integral service of storage and special care of your diving equipment – for your comfort and peace of mind.

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Balkysub tu equipo de buceo Scubapro


Best Equipment on the Market

At Balkysub Diving School you have a very complete range of rental equipment, either to dive with us or to do it on your own. We only work with top brands, using medium-high range equipment to make your dives even better quality.

Rental – Test
We have at your disposal the full range of Scubapro/Aqualung/Apeks/Suunto equipment, so you can choose what best suits your dive:

Regulators: Scubapro: MK25 EVO/A700 Carbon Black Tech, MK2 EVO/R095, MK17EVO DIN 300/G260, MK25/S600 Deep Blue / Aqualung: Titan, Calypso, Mikron, Legend.
Scubapro and Aqualung wetsuits very elastic and easy to put on: shorty, wet, semi-dry, dry. Scubapro: Everflex 5mm, Sport 5mm, Nova Scotia 7.5mm.
Fins: Scubapro: Seawing Nova, Jet Fin / Aqualung: Blades2, Express, Rocket II, Slingshot, etc.
BCD Jackets: Scubapro: Seahawk, LightHawk, T-One, X-One / Aqualung: ZUMA, Axion, Balance, Lybra, Pearl, etc.
Computers: Scubapro: Mantis 2.0 , Aladin Sport / Suunto: Zoop, D4.
Masks: Scubapro: Synergy 2, Vibe 2, Solo, Devil.

The equipment is in a great condition, we constantly renew them, so they are always for sale at a very very interesting price, call us and we will give you more information.

You can benefit from our daily rental system, make the rental profitable and make several dives with it.
We also have in rental system photo and video camera with housing, lights, etc.

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At Balkysub we specialize in reliable equipment, that’s why we sell a selection of brands that we have tested and know the performance of their products. Our goal is that you only have to buy equipment once and you are completely satisfied with it. That is why our guarantee is your satisfaction, if you are not convinced by the equipment you have bought from us, after 2 dives we will pick it up and refund your money.


Balkysub students will have special discounts when buying their diving equipment.
We advise you on equipment tested by us that suits your needs, that convince us and we believe in them and above all without having the commitment to sell a particular brand.
Payment facilities / shipping in 24/48h.


BalkySHOP does not have large stocks, but we have a lot of equipment in the School, so you can try all the material before you buy it. For example, that regulator you like so much, dive with it and decide if you want to buy it. In 48 hours you will have yours at home.

We are also technical service of the brands we sell, so the maintenance will be fast and guaranteed.




We do the maintenance with ultrasonic machine, to leave your equipment impeccable of the remains of rust, lime, salt, etc. We have available maintenance kits of the first brands in the market. We work with the specialized tool recommended by each brand.

Scubapro – Apeks- Aqualung- Cressi – Poseidon.

Maintenance Equipment:

The entire Balkysub team is qualified to perform maintenance and repair of equipment of the top brands on the market (Apeks, Aqualung, Cressi and Poseidon).

We will carry out the maintenance and repair of any component of your equipment with the utmost professionalism.

Anyone who buys their equipment at the school will receive free of charge a workshop to learn more about your equipment and maintenance.


Once a year we attend the clinic offered by the brands to update us on equipment maintenance.

For our part, we will eventually offer equipment maintenance workshops.

We constantly evaluate the market to be up to date with the advances, modifications and mechanisms of operation and safety of the equipment.


Why take your equipment home when we can take care of it for you?

Balkysub Diving School makes a place for you to leave your equipment here, for the whole year, for a season or as you prefer. Each part of your equipment is labeled and placed in its place, so that when you return you will find it in its place.

We take care of it as if it were our own equipment. So why bother taking it home? A good option to make your dive trips more enjoyable.

If you are sure you are going to come back to dive with us or we are your usual dive center take advantage of this service.

On Sundays you don’t have to worry about storing your wet gear and putting it in the car.

You don’t have to come home and… what can we tell you?

On Monday, when your equipment is dry, we take it up to the nursery, put your name tags on it and put it in your place.

Here it is dry, stretched, aired and maintained. And it takes up no space.

If you need your equipment ahead of schedule, our weekend staff will bring it to you starting the following Monday.

Twice A Month

  • We grease zippers.
  • We grease DIN threads, stirrup bolts…
  • We check O-rings.
  • We spray the equipment with disinfectant liquid, softener and deodorant.

In case of needing repair, change of any part, we consult, we give budget and we act.