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Diving Spots

The best scuba diving destination in Europe.

Discover the underwater wonders of Cabo de Palos.

A rugged environment with plenty of with life and history.

viajes de buceo balkysub

We arrange the best trips across the most beautiful diving spots in the world.

Planning, Information & Reservations

Everything you need to know while diving at Balkysub

Balkysub Diving School organizes diving tours at Cabo de Palos every day of the year at flexible times from 08:00 am in summer and 10:00 am in winter. The punctuality in our activities is something we care for so you don’t waste your time waiting.

We board at Cabo de Palos, just a few meters from the diving center and we dive at different spots on the coast, the Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve and various shipwrecks that lay in our depths. We have changing rooms and showers as well as a service of private “cages” for the next day at our confortable and spacious facilities.

All our dives are guided by PADI Instructors and local expert guides, this way you’ll get to know the area better and the safety is reinforced.

Second Diving Guide. We plan two types of immersion in each tour, each guide adapts to the needs of the divers. Each guide will plan the most suitable immersion according to the diver’s degree, experience and/or preferences.

It’s important that you know that if you have been more than 6 months without diving or have done less than 10 immersions, you will have to do an Immersion Refresh before diving in the Marine Reserve or in a shipwreck.

On land:

  • Private cage to keep and dry your equipment
  • Changing room and hot water showers

On board:

  • Professional captain
  • 2 diving guides, 2 different plannings
  • Steel/Aluminum bottles: 5 Lt, 7 Lt, 10 Lt, 12 Lt, 15 Lt, 18 Lt
  • Sidemount equipment
  • Weights + belt or built in pockets
  • Snacks, fruit and drinks
  • Emergency plan and authorized and revised first-aid kit
  • Oxygen and defibrillator
  • Immersion map

– Local diving guides

– Plan the immersion based on safety

– Will help you improve your diving skills

– Organize the 2 groups according to level and affinities of the divers

– Are flexible with the immersion, planning by diving couples and level of certification

– Will take you on the best tour depending on the visibility, currents, marine life, etc.

– Will show you new diving spots in the same immersion

– Guarantee the success of your diving day, accomplishing your expectations

– Are the most qualified and expert to act in case of an emergency

– And, of course, will make your immersion fun

To be able to dive with us you must show:

  • A valid diving degree by any organization recognized by the Spanish state (PADI, ACUC, FEDAS, AMAS, SSI, etc)
  • Health examination valid for 2 years, necessary to dive.
  • Valid diving accident insurance (if you don’t have it, we can process it at the moment)
  • National I.D. or Passport (obligatory to have on board at the Reserve)
  • Logbook to register and stamp your immersions (Optional)

– Bring one towel for your shower

– If you usually get seasick you can take Biodramina (sea-sickness relief medicine) always available in our first-aid kit

– It the hottest season, don’t forget the sunscreen to protect your skin

– In winter you will need a hat or beanie, jacket, windbreaker, etc.

– Before and after diving it’s very important to keep hydrated; water is the best.

Make your reservation comfortably, at any time and guaranteed.

You have multiple options to make your reservation: by email, phone or WhatsApp (num: +34 661492143), or by our on-line reservation system.

You just have to sign in, check availability and price, make your reservation and you will receive a confirmation email. Easy, at your own pace and professional.

We give you 2 options to clear up any doubts. You decide which suits you best.

You can contact us to ask any questions on our phone or WhatsApp. You can also leave a message with your doubts and questions and we will answer as soon as possible.

    Name (requerido)

    E-mail (requerido) IMPORTANTE* para garantizar que nuestra respuesta llegar a tu bandeja de entrada, por favor agrega la dirección bucea@balkysub.com a tu libreta de contactos en tu cuenta de email, o bien revisa en las próximas 24 horas tu carpeta de SPAM




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