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We will take you to discover the submerged universe of our planet.


Fun and safety in diving

Balkysub Diving Operation is a PADI 5Star CDC School and Dive Center with bases in Cabo de Palos and Madrid.

Balkysub is Sustainable Diving. Enjoy your free time in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We will not demand perfection in diving techniques, our priorities are respect for marine life, for your fellow divers and the practice of responsible and safe diving.

From the management to the team of professionals, we are very aware and take care of safety measures to the maximum. During 13 years and after more than 120,000 diving operations we have NEVER had any incident or accident.

Balky and his team

Balkysub's soul

“There are men who dive into the oceans to discover, to understand and be part of universes of weightlessness, scenarios of the most beautiful plays.”

Only those of us who understand such beautiful ecosystems respect and protect them.

Come and meet the Balkysub family, united by the same philosophy of life and understanding of things, a big family formed by the Balkysub team and all of you, divers, who feel Balkysub as a part of our life.

Besides having fun you will participate in the conservation and protection of the oceans through our Green Diving project.

Safety in diving is my main objective, above the economic interests of the company.

I do not understand life without a smile and without having fun, besides my passion for diving made Balkysub a germ that today, THANKS TO THE TEAM OF THE LAST 13 YEARS, is already a reality that continues to grow, but in width not in height.

Diving is a privilege reserved for the lucky ones and if you do it with your family it becomes the best experience of my life.


We accompany you to discover the submerged universe of our planet.

From your first contact with diving with your PADI instructor you will enjoy training, attention, safety and the most important thing… FUN!

Now you are ready to start the different courses proposed by our PADI educational system to dive independently in any corner of the blue planet.

“In Balkysub (PADI CDC Career Development Center 5 Star) you can train up to professional levels and make your hobby a lifestyle. Balkysub is one of the two schools in Spain with the highest PADI category.”


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Safety in diving


At Balkysub we always pay attention to safety, and Divers Alert Network Europe “DAN EUROPE” has publicly recognized us with the award received in 2018.

We prioritize the activity based on the safety and health of our divers and students. We know how to recognize the possible risk situations that occur in each type of course or dive to be prepared, and above all, to anticipate the problems that may arise from any situation.

DAN Diving Insurance

Balkysub is currently a partner of DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network Europe), an international non-profit organization focused on medicine and research, and dedicated to the safety and health of divers.

That’s why we work following their recommendations, because we care about your safety.

Areas of operations

Cabo de Palos - Madrid - Maldives - Red Sea

Cabo de Palos

The main base of Balkysub. Here you will find everything you need for diving: Study room, changing rooms and showers, drying cages and equipment storage, reception and of course the boat. Located in the port of Cabo de Palos just 20 meters from the boat and surrounded by terraces for sunbathing.


In our headquarters at the Liceo-European School in La Moraleja you will find all the necessary infrastructure to start any PADI diving course in Madrid. Get trained, practice your diving techniques or even try equipment before you buy it.


Life aboard the boat “Southern Cross” in collaboration with Submaldives en Español and your school. We spend 6 days embarked on a luxury yacht doing 2 to 4 dives per day, a total of 18 dives around the most important atolls; North and South Male, Rashdoo and Ari.

Mar rojo

After more than 30 expeditions during 6 years, we have become experts and operate in the fleet of luxury boats of one of the best companies Golden Dolphin Safari World. We also carry out environmental conservation programs.

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